Grayson's video

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Sometimes a client will ask for a self made video for a commercial or photo shoot.  Grayson submitted this for one of his clients.


First Models is REALLY making it happen!

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Words of wisdom     Special letters and thank you's from our own models, parents, and client;
Hey Colette, I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to everyone yesterday. I checked out early to go on college tours. I just wanted to email you & tell you how thankful I am you guys took me to New York & really took care of me. Waiting in line for competitions the girls next to me would say "I wish my agent would come & check on me like yours does.." & it made me so happy to be out there with an agency who really cares about me & doesn't treat me like I'm just number 4345. I can't even believe I'm awake because this all feels like a dream. Never in my life would I ever expect to have not just one scholarship but 2 scholarships to amazing schools in NEW YORK CITY! My dad & I are going back out to New York to look at housing because I plan on moving out there by January! I could have never done any of this without y'all & honestly words cannot describe the happiness I have in my heart right now. Y'all are amazing & I'm so happy I went (:  Love Alwaya, Julianna

I think it is important to stop and thank people when you see something meaningful happen.  I know it has only been a short period of time since working with you and Gail, but Tanner has developed this sweet, quiet confidence about him that is totally new.  You guys are responsible for that.  His pictures are just unbelievable (Wow!, right?) and he is really proud to being going to NY as a representative of your agency.  Thank you for seeing that “something special” in him and bringing that forward.  Lisa 


Best Agency in Houston! Connections all over the country but the feel of a small family owned business. Colette cares so much about her models and makes them too priority! Haley

I love the personal attention Colette gives us. She is an amazing person and that is why she has an amazing agency! Hands down best agent ever!

APRIL! CHI St. Lukes Health ~ Lisa Stokes and Annette LaCount Schlinder Elevator ~ Laruen S. and Nick A Darling Homes ~ Lisa S. Akhil P, Angela W, Chip M, Shawn S, Sharla M, Celicia A, Top Drawer ~ KAra H, Rachel F, and Jaclyn S L'Auberge Casino ~ Shawn S Academy Sports + Outdoors BTS ~ Angela W, Kennedy S, Larissa D, Jennifer L, Katelyn L, Geanna B, Claire M, Latasha J, Jose M, Garrett R, Nicole R, Jett J, Korrin B, Amy, S, and Courtney R. Anthony and Sillvan Pools ~ Abran S Macaroni Grill ~ Trent R.  Academy Sports + Outdoors Back to Class ~ Trent R, Herman G, Denzel W, Kai J, Travis B, Dahmari D, Raighley S, Parker M, Garrett R, Katelyn L, Amanda M, and Tanner B Woodlands Bride ~ Anthony E, and Elena E. Pinto Ranch ~ Sarah B and Jordan N Academy Sports Plus Outdoors Father's Day ~ Rocco J, Amy J, Addie J, Lisa S, Larissa D, Nykia B, Jaclyn S, Jennifer L, and Tanner B.  Awesome month for sure!!!
MARCH! Dell ~ Herman G, Julianna B, Maja O, and Dieter K. Mary's Bridal ~ Marxli M, Sarah W, and Bekka W, Academy Father's Day commercial ~ Lisa S, Shawn S, Justin D, Celerina K, Scheri P, Julianna B, Jaclyn S, Leo P, Chelsea H, and /randon A. Univision ~ Dasha B, and Celerina K. Revlon and American Crew~ Justin D, Shawn S, Javier B, Tanner B, John P, David P, Trent R, Garrett R, Jett J, Christopher W, and Jose M, Academy Sports + Outdoors~ Jaclyn S, Amy S, Raighley S, Dylan, M, Joey M, and Tatum F, Ralph White Merchandising~ Javier B, and Elena E. Black Label Boutique ~ Dani N. 
February!  Lifetouch~ Razi M, Riley D, Juliet P, Ava G, John G, Academy Sports + Outdoors~ Joey M, Dylan M, Tanner F, Courtney Y, and Christian G, Chateau Cocomar~ Bekka W, Sarah W, Amanda M, Raighley S, Kendall R, Jordan N, Kara H, South Texas Dental ~ Christine F, Academy Commercial ~ Latasha J, Justin D, Celerina K, Christopher W, Lisa S, Dieter K, Celicia A, and Laurymar L. We are working on two amazing BUY OUTS....we love that!  We had some really great events, a big thank you to our promotional team!!  Haley, Zyania, Gabby, Bekka, Kara, Celicia, and Courtney.  March in to March
Here is to 2014~~
January!  Honda Tried and True San Antonio ~ Jaclyn S, Justin D, Jordan W, and Elena Mary's Bridal ~ Amanda M. Halloween Expo ~ Tayler F, Tatum F, Amanda M, Joey M, Larissa D, Jordan W, and Kara H Academy Sports + Outdoors ~ Raighley S, Jaclyn S, Joey M, Emily L, Denzel W,
We are working a on a couple of Buy Outs, keep you posted!!
What an outstanding year!!  This is our best year ever thanks to our wonderful models, clients, photographers, and parents for their endless support!  Thank you EVERYONE ~ here is to 2014.  Blessings to all!!!
Dancing December and ending 2013 with a huge success!  Chevrolet Suburban National Print ~ Lisa Stokes and Kara Houston Mary's Bridal ~ Haley F, Sarah W, Bekka W, Amanda M, Kendall R, Joey M, Raighlry S, Marubeni-Itochu ~ Courtney G, Haley F, Celicia A, Courtney L, Raighley S, and Kara H, Honda ~ Gregory M, Justin D, Latasha J, Jaclyn S, Raighley S, Elena E, and Garrett R. Academy Sports + Outdoors ~
Jaclyn S, Dylan M, Denzel W. Apple Phone Device ~ Courtney L.
Never Ending November....!!  Dell - National Print Campaign~ Maggie R, Garrett R, Parker M, and Razi M.  Footlocker - National Print Campaign ~ Denzel W, and Dani N. Academy Sports + Outdoors Fitness Commercial ~ Denzel W, Jessel P, Leo P, Melissa P, Justin D, Kara H, Celicia A, and Jaclyn S. Lilyrain Lewlery ~ Erica C. Pinto Ranch ~ Sarah B, Jordan W, Meagan T, and Shawn S. Black Label Boutique ~ Sarah W, Bekka, W, and Elena E  Academy Sports + Outdoors ~ Emily Larkin, Christopher W, Joey M,, Dylan M, and Razi M ~ Denzel shot for the IN STORE VISUALS, very nice! Mary's Bridal ~ Amanda M, and Raighley S. and Bekka W.
Outstanding October filled with many surprises!!  Chuck E Cheese's ~ Emma N. Mary's Bridal ~ Kendall R. Fluid Swimwear ~ Kara H.
Shany Cosmetics ~ Jessel P, Nykia B, Macie J, Kara H, Rachel F. Cassidy Turley ~ Kara H. Sysco Food Show ~ Kara H, Celicia A, Lilyrain ~ Haley F. Reliant ~ Zane M. Fred Haas Toyota World ~ Jeremy. D, Marie-Lynn, Kevin S. Academy Sports + Outdoors ~ Denzel W, Kaylie N, Tanner F, Elena E, Raighler S, Joey M, Dylan M, Denzel W, Black Label Boutique ~ Bekka W, Elena E, Marxli M, Patron Cafe XO Event ~ Nykia B, Kara H, Celicia A, Courtney G, Jaclyn S, Gregory M, Courtney L, Macie J, Meagan T, Zyania B, Mary's Bridal ~ Haley F, Amanda M, Bekka W, Dillard's Fashion Week ~ Tayler F, Amy S, Jessica P,
First Models attended the "12 Years a Slave" Red Carpet event Thursday the 24th at Market Street.  This was a fantastic event and and the moive is a must see!!  Difficult to watch at times, but so glad we were there.  Thank you Celicia and Kara for helping with the red carpet!  Thank you Frank Eakin for making this happen!!!
Styling September with our beautiful models!! Reliant ~ Zane Martin shot two day's Academy Sports + Outdoors Holiday Commercial ~  Shawn S, Christopher Wi, Maja O, Zyzniz B, Leo P, Erin M, Craig M, Joey M, Jaclyn S, Travis B, Justin D, Denzel W, Riley S, Gregory M. Fiesta ~ Lorely E. Black Lable Boutique ~ Marxli M, Bekka W, Elena E. Hotel Galvez ~ Kara Houston Academy Sports + Outdoors ~ Christopher W, Trent R. Impression Bridal ~ Jaclyn Schlembach.
Another August with the hussle and bussle of back to school! Texas Lottery ~ Javier Bernal 2 day shoot
Dallas Bridal Market ~ Sarah W, Bekka W, Marxli M, and Haley F walked the Dallas runway's with Mary's Bridal ~ Jose Luis Salon/Austin ~ Marie-Lynn mReminder ~ Riley Satterwhite  Black Label Boutique ~ Sarah W, and Bekka W Turley Cassidy ~ Kara Houston Fiesta Voice Over ~ Dieter Kingwergs Lilyrain ~ Ericka Ceppi is the face of Lilyrain Hewlett Packard ~ Lisa Stokes
Sarah Wohlschlaeger is doing fantastic in Milano modeling for Michael Kors daily for their show room shows.  Way to go Sarah!!!!
Juggling July! Many many opportunities in July Academy Sports + Outddors ~ Rocco J, Koby S, Ryan T, Greg M, Tatum F, Madison H, Gavin B, Lacey B, and Elena E Mary's Bridal ~ Joey M, Ericka M, Marxli M, and Sarah W Sean Collections ~ Sherrie E and Elizabeth J Silver Jeans Grand Opeing in The Woodlands Mall ~ Meagan T, Pauline M, Trent B, and Courtney G. Impression Bridal ~ Jaclyn Schlembach CVB of The Woodlands ~ Kara H, Scheri P, Lauren S, Haley F, and Justin D. Woodlands Bride Magazine Cover ~ Lauren S and Justin D Service Masters ~ Patrick S IMTA was a huge success! we took 24 models and received 175 call backs from top acting and modeling agencies.....way to go EVERYONE!! We are already negotiating contracts in Italy, New York, and shooting Pageantry Magazine....keep the wheels spinning First Models!!
Jubilant June!  Academy Sports + Outdoors ~ Larissa Doughtery, Christian Gonzales, Tanner Fleming, Kaylie Ngim, and Kristin Foy Mary's Bridal ~ Sarah Wohlschlaeger, Addisyn Stevenson, Haley Fountain, Amanda Massey, Bekkah Wohlschlaeger, Madison Bubel, and Summer Foust Jet Aviation ~ Kara Houston and Patrick Stolle Black Label Boutique ~ Dani Neskora, Marxli Meuetter, and Sarah Wohlschlaeger Villasport The Woodlands ~ Kaden Arnold, Riley Satterwhite, Patrick Stolle, and Kellie Bledsoe.  We had an amazing Acting Workshop with Al Onorato, always learning something new.
First Models is Hot Hot Hot!!! Houston and The Woodlands is a boom town with OTC and The Gun Show, Celicia Arnold, Lauren Steele, and Kara Houston, King Oaks/College Station~Chip Matthews, Angela Wohlschlaeger, Erin McDowell, Justin Dugat, Joey McDowell, and Tanner Fleming, Black Label Boutique ~ Marxli Muetter, Dani Neskora, and Sarah & Bekka Wohschlaeger Austin Fashion Week ~ Jaclyn Schlembach and Dani Neskirra  Hewlett Packard ~ Celicia Arnold and Chip Matthews Academy Sports + Outdoors commercial ~ Shawn Sparks and Christian Gonzales Pinto Ranch ~ Jordan Ware, Shawn Sparks, Michael Deveau, and Celicia Arnold Mary's Bridal ~ Audrey Davis, Kendall Redman, Lacie Bates, and Haley Fountain Academy Sports + Outdoors Print ~ Kennedy Smith, christian Gonzales, Michael Deveau, and Dylan McDowell Minute Maid Rice ~ Juliet Pearl, Amy Janiskewski, Jack Janiskewski, and Kai Jordan.  Keep up the good work everyone!!!!
Wait till First Models hits New York with IMTA in July, it's really going to be hot!  We have an amazing group coming your way......Get ready New York!!!
Happy Birthday to First Models and Talent Agency, Inc.!!!
We have been making it happen in Houston and The Woodlands Texas for 24 years locally, Nationally, and Internationally.   We opened our doors in May of 1989 and have been placing models, actors, and promotional models for special events ever since!  Thank you EVERYONE (models, actors, parents, stylists, makeup artists, Casting Directors, photographers, and staff) for your loyalty, hard work ,and success!!  Here is to many many more years!!  Blessings to all!!!
Grayson is signed wtih Wilhelmina Agency New York and Wilhelmia LA.  Grayson also just signed with Banana Agency in Paris France and Boom Agency in Milano Itlay.  Since Grayson signed with Wilhelmina New York, he appears regularly in shows and Nationals ads for Michael Kors.  He also appears in shows for Nautica, Louis Vitton, and Guess.  Grayson shoots for Belstaff and Neiman Marcus.  Grayson was the most sought after Male Model of the Year at the IMTA Convention in July 2008 in New York City.  WAY TO GO GRAYSON
First Models SPRINGS in to full gear!So many fun and exciting photo shoots, commercials, and events going on for First Models:
Academy Sports + Outdoors ~ The McDowell family is in the  2013 Spring Guide and in our local stores, Aldi Grocery Stores ~ Kara Houston, Simpliclear ~ Michael D, Vanna C, Akhill P, Daniel P, Celicia A, and Sara B, US Oncology ~ Celicia A, Annette L, Angela W, Patti R, Academy Sports + Oudoors ( Fishing and Hunting commerical) ~ Caleb S, and Addisyn S, King's Cross Development ~ Angela W, Chip M, Tanner F, Erin M, Joey M, and Justin D ~ Academy Sports + Outdoors (back to Class) Dieter K, Dylan M, Kennedy S, Christian G, Maggie R, Larissa D, and Suzie S.  Audio Speakers ~ Justin D, David P, and Robin Craig,  Great Day Houston (Children's Place)  ~ Erica M, Quenten B, Caden S, and Juliet P, Black Label Boutique ~ Kathryn G, Dani N, Amanda M, Marxli M, Sarah W, and Bekka W. Events ~ ReVance Skin Care Trial, OTC, Houston Gun Show, LNG Expo, and Oil and Gas Expo The Woodlands.
First Models is in Full Bloom for 2013~~
Plato's Closet ~ Ryan T, Courtney G, Madison B, Elizabeth J, and Michael D. Star Furnture ~ Angela Z, Lauren S, Jaclyn S, Carloyn N, Razi M, Celicia A, Michael D. Emily E, Shell ~ Lauren S. Pinto Ranch ~ Sarah B. Keli B. Scott M. Visible Changes 35th Anniversary Fashion Show ~ Dani N., Sara B. Jaclyn S. Steven H. St. Joseph's Hospital ~ Zyania b, David P, Daniel, Gabby B, Allison K, Jaclyn S, Courtny L, Courtney G, Jeremy J, Gregory M, Michael D, Sean KK, Satn A, Ryan T, Texas Tourism ~ Daniel P. United Airlines ~ John C. Melaleuca Wellness Catalog ~ Juliet P, Lauren S, Anyana C, Jordan J, Nick A, Angela W, Caden S, Academy Sports + Outdoors (commercial Little League) ~ Dylan M, Kolbi B. Impression Bridal ~ Jaclyn S, Rachel F. Mattress Firm ~ Gregory M. Academy Sports + Outdoors (print) ~ Elizabeth J, Taner F, Jordan J,  Kennedy S, Larissa D, Joey M, Maggie M, Gavin B, Dani N.   Stayed tuned for more exciting news!!!
We really closed 2012 with a huge BANG!!!  United Airlines ~ Javier, Nick, and Meg.  Blue Cross Blue Shield ~ Lauren and Vanna. Ecolab ~ Vanessa. Mary's Bridal ~ Jordan, Keli, Maggie, Haley, Taylor, Marxli, and Suzie. Embassy Suites ~ Justin and Stan. The Christmas Story ~ Dieter.  Academy Holiday ~ Juliet and Lauren.  Black Label Boutique ~ Kathryn, Sarah, Dani, Marxli, and Amanda.  Brown Hand Center ~ Kevin, Jeremy, Leo, Sharla, Mark, and Lauren.  Met Life ~ Angela and Stan.  And much much more!
2013 looks even more promising.  Thanks EVERYONE for ALL your hard work and dedication!!!

Busy busy week indeed! We are shooting the Fred Haas Toyota World commercial this Saturday!

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New York, Los Angeles, and Miami Models and Talent

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How does First Models and Talent Agency keep finding Houston’s and The Woodlands top models and talent? The staff searches and finds and accepts only models and actors with the most potential and desire to make it locally,  in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami to say nothing of Europe and Asian countries.


Grayson Gettys

Wilhelmina Agency

First Models and Talent again swept the IMTA Convention 2012 at the New York Hilton in July where their models and talent received over 100 callbacks from top modeling and talent agencies from New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Milano, Paris and all of Asia.

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Next Stop - New York



Woodlands Teens Most Sought After Models

First Models and Talent Agency located in The Woodlands, just returned from New York City at the International Talent and Modeling Association Convention held at the New York Hilton Hotel.

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First Models Success and IMTA

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Ten year old Madeline Kretschmer of The Woodlands placed in “Model of the Year” for preteens at IMTA and recently was photographed for the Academy ads in Houston.

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