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How does First Models and Talent Agency keep finding Houston’s and The Woodlands top models and talent? The staff searches and finds and accepts only models and actors with the most potential and desire to make it locally,  in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami to say nothing of Europe and Asian countries.


Grayson Gettys

Wilhelmina Agency

First Models and Talent again swept the IMTA Convention 2012 at the New York Hilton in July where their models and talent received over 100 callbacks from top modeling and talent agencies from New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Milano, Paris and all of Asia.

Eight year old Dieter Kingwergs of The Woodlands, Texas won first runner up for his monologue and eight awards for his competitions voted by top agents. He won Honorable Mention for Child Actor of the Year (male) and signed with HRI Agency. He has already auditioned for a part in a movie to be filmed in Los Angeles in September. Ryan Moore from Magnolia received the award for Most Sought after Male actor and Male model of the year. And interviewed with 40 modeling and talent agencies. Earl Vincent of Houston was called back not only with talent agencies from Los Angeles, but also fashion agencies in Milano also placing in Male Model of the Year. Graelin Savoy from Montgomery was 2nd runner Up in Jeans and placed also in swimwear. Five modeling agencies in New York, Los Angeles and Miami and several talent agencies in Los Angeles interviewed her. Madison Bubel from Humble was called back to interview with several New York, Los Angeles and Miami agencies along with several Asian agencies. Her pictures are being circulated around the Asian countries for clients who want her and her mother to come there next summer for her to model. Sara Bullard from The Woodlands; had call backs with top New York and Los Angeles agencies as well as top talent agencies in New York and Hollywood. Arielle Griffin from Spring, Texas won awards in acting and singing as well as interviewing with modeling agencies in New York. Madison Hale, Sheridan Hale, and Dresden Hale, three sisters from The Woodlands wowed the agents with their modeling and talent abilities. Madison was interviewed by Joan See from the New York Conservatory for Dramat5ic arts and the New York Film Academy for her acting. Valerie Korenek from Sugarland was also interviewed with the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts for her dancing and acting performance. Claire Pickett from Humble won for her acting ability in TV Real People and was called back from several New York talent agencies. Brother and sister Adrian Klein and Morgan Klein his sister from The Woodlands interviewed with several talent agencies; in New York and Los Angeles. Chelsea Stephens from Shenandoah was called back by several New York talent agencies and Interviewed with the New York Film, Academy. Cassi Banja from Spring was interviewed and called back for her modeling and acting and interviewed with a major talent and modeling agency in New York. Stephen Hanks from Livingston received an award for acting doing his cold reading competition. He also received callbacks and meet with modeling and talent agencies from Los Angeles and New York as well as Europe. Jessica Wooten from Humble placed in talent and modeling and received callbacks from New York agencies. Gavin Brown from San Antonio received call backs in from fitness. Fashion and talent agencies. He has already signed with Silver Models in New York while attending college in San Antonio and doing direct bookiings to New York and Houston.

the agents said “Wow, Wow, Wow about First Models and Talent Agency again sweeping the New York 2012 IMTA Convention. See the success stories to follow and check First Models website to see our models and talent photos. First Models did it again!

Pick up the September issue of DETAILS Magazine and see Grayson Gettys photos from The Woodlands who won Most Sought After Male 2009 and signed with Wilhelmina Men, New York and Los Angeles. His photos appear on page l26, 128, 138 and 140. Grayson Gettys is truly a success story, modeling in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris and in Milano with Wilhelmina Men worldwide. Oh you can see him in the Academy Ads when he is town. Living in New York he comes home as often as he can to see his wonderful family and his friends. He never misses going fishing with his mom when he comes home to The Woodlands, where it all started with First Models.

No matter where First Models go, they always call First Models and Talent Agency home!

First Models and IMTA is having their model search on Sunday, October 2l at the Waterway Marriott….go to www.firstmodelshouston to register with a snapshot if you feel you have what it takes to be our next superstar!

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